When The Economy Surprises You, It's Usually An Unpleasant One.

The economy goes up and down all the time. Look for yourself: (click to enlarge)

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When do you think the next recession will strike?  How ready are you for that?

But… did the last recession catch you by surprise? More important: are you prepared for the next one? Because there always is a next one.

Each cycle has four distinct phases, or seasons. You can profit from each season if you know what to do when it changes. (It always does.) This is not rocket science, but it’s not intuitive, either.

You have to be prepared. “Then” is too late; you have to begin now.

How? Drop Dead Money sends you an update on the economy every quarter. That’s right — only one post per quarter. The economy moves slowly — anything more would be writing just to write. You have a life, so why waste your time?

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